RetroSweets was founded in 2010 as an antidote to the increasingly oppressive supermarket chains. The consequential disappearance of independent butchers, fishmongers, bakers, delicatessens etc from British high streets was making it impossible to buy really fresh, real food; so, with the modern need for convenience in mind, RetroSweets was born.


The concept was to provide a way for people to continue enjoying the standard of food and service traditionally supplied by local shops, whilst understanding the time constraints of modern life.

So under one roof, we set up individual counters, each run as an independent shop would be, with the same dedication and attention to detail, the same level of knowledge and passion found in the high streets of yesterday.


Today we have a wider range of fresh food, store cupboard essentials and luxuries, all meeting our strict quality requirements than you will find anywhere locally, probably nationally.


Our cafe was set up as a place to meet, have a coffee and sample some of the finest ingredients from our stores.

It is now a well established 60 seater restaurant situated on the mezzanine floor, with a reputation for uncomplicated cuisine, preferring to place emphasis on the fantastic ingredients we have at our disposal.


Food and eating should be core parts of every home, that’s why we go the extra mile in our homewares department to find beautiful and unusual objects, the likes of many of which you will not see anywhere else.

Good food deserves to be prepared, cooked and enjoyed in a happy atmosphere. We believe our shop provides not just basic nutrition, not just speciality foods, but a total lifestyle choice.


We are always evolving, embracing new ideas throughout the store.


Check our news page for details of events, offers and new products or register to receive our newsletters, best of all visit our store, we regularly have wine and food tastings and our staff will always be happy to help.