Supper for two

Cordon Bleu Chef

Supper for two – Dinner parties – Functions – Wedding Buffets – Prepared food available daily – Lunch with friends – Buffets.

A selection of the following is available on our counter daily, plus seasonal specials.

Breast of chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms wrapped in parma ham with Madeira sauce. Cr pes with asparagus, cheese and ham. Smoked salmon and watercress roulade. Chocolate and raspberry roulade. Chicken and mushroom lasagne. Mediterranean vegetable tarts. Couscous stuffed peppers. Duck and orange terrine. Greek lamb moussaka. Guinea fowl with limes. Spring lemon g teaux. Boned stuffed quail. Gleneagles P t . Greek salad. Fish pies, soups and much, much more.

I has strived to get back to the grassroots of food with supplying only the finest fresh ingredients and steering clear of manufactured and processed packaged foods.

Penny creates prepared dishes in the Food Company kitchen for her own counter within the food hall. All the dishes are prepared daily using only ingredients from the departments within the Food Company. This brings you the luxury and convenience of ready prepared meals with the important assurance of knowing what you are eating.

The food on the counter is displayed on large china platters allowing you to decide exactly how much of each dish you need for that day. Never on our foods will you see the words product of more than one country, we know exactly where our ingredients are from, and we know where they are grown and who grew them. Ask Penny about the lamb in her Moussaka and she will tell you that before being delivered to the butchers counter the organic lambs were reared on a small holding from a local farmer

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