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Supper for two

Cordon Bleu Chef Supper for two – Dinner parties – Functions – Wedding Buffets – Prepared food available daily – Lunch with friends – Buffets. COUNTER PRODUCTS A selection of the following is available on our counter daily, plus seasonal specials. Breast of chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms wrapped in parma ham with Madeira sauce. […]

Receipe of the month

Butternut squash, pancetta and sage risotto Ingredients 1. 1 small butternut squash 2. 150g cubed pancetta 3. 10 sage leaves 4. 2.5 litres chicken stock 5. 50g butter 6. 1 onion very finely chopped (the pieces should be the same size as the grains of rice) 7. 400g carnaroli rice 8. 125ml dry white wine […]

Staying Healthy After All This Delicious Chocolate

We all love chocolate, it tastes amazing – so who wouldn’t? Despite it being so popular, it should be noted that too much of it can bad for your health, and can cause problems in the future. Consuming chocolate too much is not recommended, which is why we have decided to tell you what you […]

Hampers, Jars & Bouquets

Our goodie gifts are sure to make any sugar fiend weak at the knees. Whether you are looking for something extravagant or stocking filler, we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Hampers Our hampers are absolutely enormous! Crammed with a whopping mix of your loved one’s favourite sweets, these will look amazing […]

Chocolate Treats

Everybody has a chocoholic in their life and Retro Sweets has their Christmas gift sorted. Choose from a huge array of boxes, bags or bars with our selection. We stock all of the high street favourites for you to buy in bulk! Try our Truffles, Chocolate Hearts, Caramel filled Bites or even Toffee, there are […]

Sweet Selections

If a hamper’s not doing it for you, why not try a sweet jar? Or even a bouquet? These come in a range of sizes and are sweetly displayed in an old fashioned style jar. You can fill your jar with your favourite goody or try a mixture. Whatever your tastes, you can get your […]

Sweet Gifts

Our sweetie selection doesn’t stop there! If you are struggling to find a present for that special someone, we could have what you are looking for. We could offer a huge range of sweet hampers, displayed in a proper wicker basket and jam-packed full of the bestest sweets around and you could even add your […]

Wide range fo sweets from leading brands

We stock leading brands of sweets, confectionery and snacks and keep things sweet by supplying quality sweets at sweet prices. You can buy from our huge range of sweets and whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift, at Retro Sweet we’ve got something for you, so please enjoy looking through our superb […]